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08:46pm 22/11/2002
mood: weird

Younger-looking CoS Harry sketch. Blergh!

He came out a bit funny, but what the hey, I think it's decent for something done in pen while my Prof was explaining IPOs to the class in detail :)

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09:12pm 20/11/2002
mood: crazy

Ow. Wrist. Pain.

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Harry Potter Must NOT Go Back To Hogwarts.   
03:32pm 20/11/2002
mood: amused

I'm beginning to wonder why Dobby fanart is so rare. He's INSANELY fun to draw.

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09:36pm 19/11/2002
mood: cynical

Sketched this the other day during class. Bad boy! Just finished the CG a bit ago. He's in his Valentine's Day robes.

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06:28pm 19/11/2002
mood: chipper
I'll be using text links (copy and paste into your browser) for all of the art in posts. Why? Because I know my 56K modem doesn't handle large images well, so I don't want anyone ELSE crashing, either.


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04:49pm 19/11/2002
mood: productive
Yes, if you don't know, my name's Houie, and this. Yes, this journal right here- this is my sketch journal. I'm going to use this journal to post my daily sketches and artistic WIPs. Most of these will be pertaining to Harry Potter in some way shape, and/or form. Some of them may not be.

Happy looking!

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